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Which Job is In Demand in Saudia? (Easy to Get)


Saudia’s job market is expanding, requiring professionals from all over the world. No matter at what stage of life you are, you can earn as much as 8000 SAR at the start. With the launch of the NEOM project, a future-proof city in Tabuk province, the NEW Saudia is calling you. You need to have an Othm level 3 Environmental Management certification. 

This read zooms in on the qualifications you must have before going to Saudia along with the means you can use to secure employment. 

Are you ready to step forward?

Well if you are reading this post, just to discover some quick rich formula, this post isn’t for you. Read it only to see yourself in officer designation in a big corporation in the next year. 
I am about to share a concrete, sustainable future you can have in the coming months. But, it all starts with understanding the major high and low-income jobs available in Saudia.

Best High-Demand Jobs in Saudi Arabia For Pakistanis

The majority of Pakistanis have been juicing up the Saudi manpower in following trades in both low and high-income job categories. Here is a breakdown by profession

Low-Income Jobs

Plumber/ Electrician/ Technician Uneducated skill / Skilled Labour 
DriverUneducated skill / Skilled Labour 
Painter  Uneducated skill / Skilled Labour 
MasonUneducated skill / Skilled Labour 
Mechanic Uneducated skill / Skilled Labour 

But with the spread of the internet, new job opportunities are catching the attention of reasonably educated Pakistanis. And they posturing to fill the emerging job demands in Saudia in the following areas. 

High-Income Jobs in Saudia

Engineering For people with engineering qualifications 
Health and Safety NEBOSH/ Othm holders (in high competition since 2023)
Manufacturing People with technical expertise in Plant, production, warehousing, etc. 
Telecom For people with experience in the Telecom sectors 
Environmental Management For People with Othm Environmental Management level 3. (In high demand) 

Years Before SAUDI Reforms Were Painful, But All is Now WELL.

Years after years, the Saudi were quietly growing, and foreigners ( especially Pakistanis) comfortably started to settle with their families.

For better regulation of the population,  the Saudi government forced tax regimes. Consequently, many Pakistanis sent their families back to avoid taxes and save their earnings.

But The new Saudia allows you to acquire a beautifully decorated dream villa if you are earning at least 6000 SAR. Now you can go there, and call your wife, children, and parents to live with you. 

Interesting? The more enticing is the fact that with NEOM, a new field of Environmental Management has emerged in Saudia. This area not only pays you high but also allows a person with even an intermediate qualification to start at a good salary. 

You must have the skill set to secure a job in demand in Saudi Arabia.

So, Which Job is in High Demand in Saudia

As discussed, It’s Environmental Management. You might be wondering what qualification is required to get a suitable position in environment job roles. Let’s cool down your curiosity. 
Presently, you can secure a high-income in-demand job in Saudi with any reasonably acceptable environmental qualification. But as a good start, you must start with Othm (Level 3) Advance Certification in Environmental Management (UK). Besides you can also prefer Aosh Award In Environmental Management.

With these qualifications, you can be an Environmental Officer, Environmental Coordinator, or Environmental Inspector. 

Interestingly you can do Othm at any Stage of your life. 

No matter if you are an intermediate, an engineer, or a graduate, you can have it. 

The moment you decide to change your income goals, provide a secure future for your family, and save big in the coming years, you can reach Cardiff, and we will guide you through the process. 
This is a high time to consume maximum from Saudia’s Vision 2030. Wondering what it is?

Saudi Vision 2030: A Scheme of Beating DUBAI.

I am not here to share some technical information that is already available on every website on Google. You are spending your time here, I won’t disappoint. So here is the exact detail of Saudi Vision 2030.

To begin with, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is opening up. It is reducing its oil dependency anticipating that Electric vehicles, solar power, nuclear power plants, and wind turbines will result in nose-diving its oil exports by 2040. 
King Salman, the crown prince, worrying about the impending financial crash of the kingdom, has done something that was never done in world history. He is grabbing investors, and showcasing them the Vision 2030 with NEOM at its core.

In this regard, many social reforms have been done. The key agenda is to liberalize and diversify. 
One-window operations are put in place to attract investors. But the most remarkable of them all is the NEOM project which is ready to accept you in all good professions you can imagine.

Other Suitable  Qualifications For Environmental Management JOBS in Saudia.

Once you are done with Othm Level 3 Environmental Management, you can explore and ignite your career by doing the following. 

1- ISO 14001: 2015 (Only for People at relevant jobs)

It’s most suitable for people who are already in relevant environmental jobs. In ISO you get certified for learning to build an Environmental Management System. ISO 14001 has 7 components

1- Context of the organization. 

2- Leadership role in EMS

3- Planing for execution

4- Support ( through resource and management  commitment)

5- Controlling Environmental Impact through operations

6- Performance Evaluations to find shortcomings

7- Continuous Improvement

 If you are a fresh candidate, our advice will be to avoid it. Because being a fresh entrant in environmental management doing ISO 14001 is like becoming a heart surgeon without doing MBBS.  Instead, you must start with an Environmental Management Diploma. 

In short, if you are just creating your space in this field, start with OTHM Level 3. Once you secure a job, move up the ladder with certification as requested by your company.

2- IEMA’s Sustainability Manager Certification

Imagine IEMA as a friendly UK community dedicated to environmental care—a group of like-minded people and organizations. With various membership levels, it’s like being part of a big environmental family. 

Joining IEMA means saying, “I want to do good things for the Earth.” They offer certifications to showcase your eco-expertise and classes for eco-friendly insights.

3- Green Associate Membership of LEED or LEED-GA

LEED GA stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Associate. It’s a certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for individuals with knowledge of sustainable building practices. The credential is earned by passing the LEED Green Associate exam and demonstrating a basic understanding of green design, construction, and operations. Can you directly start LEED GA? It’s recommended to check the LEED website, check the syllabus, and search if you can do it as a fresh candidate.

Is HSE Still in High Demand In Saudia?

Now that you have gone through the details, we can specify what suits you as a fresh aspirant who is firing to unleash its capabilities in Saudia. 

You can become a Safety Officer, which we don’t recommend in 2024 as the salary packages are extremely LOW. Presently, you will be lucky to have 4000 SAR. Because hundreds and thousands of people are already in Saudia to find jobs. The competition is high. 90% of companies are paying only 2000 SAR to candidates. Plus, only candidates with a minimum 2-year qualification are preferred. 

 So what other best options do you have to get a quick, high-income job in Saudia?

What Is the Most Demanding Job In Saudi Arabia? FAQs

Environmental Jobs are most in demand in Saudi Arabia. Environment and sustainability is the core of Saudi Vision 2030. Not only that, Saudi Arabia is spending $ 1 Trillion to erect a futuristic eco-friendly city, NEOM, out of the dry sand of the desert. To join a high-income career in the environment you must have an Environmental Management certification or Diploma. 

Before, in Saudi Arabia, many pursued NEBOSH IGC to become safety officers, a job that used to be well-paid. However, now there are more people with NEBOSH certifications than there are job opportunities. Thousands have the certification but struggle to find a job. Those who find Job are getting a mere 2000 SAR salary.  In simple terms, there are too many NEBOSH-certified candidates for the available health and safety jobs.

Now that you have got a perspective of emerging job nature and their scope, here are tools you can use to get hired. 

Is it easy to get a job in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, if you have the right qualifications and apply for a relevant job, you can easily secure a job. Saudia is for professionals. Relying merely on formal degree-based education, and hoping you will get a job may become a bad dream.  So how can you get a JOB? 

1- Apply Online

There are job portals such as LinkedIn,, and Naukrigulf where you can set up your profile. Update your qualifications and constantly apply on JOBS. However, of all these platforms, LinkedIn is the most suitable as it’s trusted by millions of employers.

2- Look For Manpower Agency

Manpower Agencies operate under the banner of the Government Of Pakistan and facilitate people with jobs in the Gulf. Cardiff Manpower Agency, in this regard, has earned a trustworthy reputation, placing tons of Pakistanis on the job. However, you should not expect a good salary from manpower agencies.

But still, they can be an engine to push start your career. 

3- Visit Visa

It’s a recommended way of getting a job in Saudi Arabia. Over the last 10 years, we have observed that people who have acquired a Visit Visa seldom return without a JOB. In 99% of the cases, people get hired after a little struggle. But there is a catch here. If you go with skills that are not recommended in KSA, no matter how intelligent you are, your chances of getting a JOB will be 0%.

So, keep at least one certification or diploma that has the potential to increase the chances of a job in GULF, especially KSA. One such certification is in Othm Environmental Management. Or you can explore others based on your areas of interest. 

Best Jobs For Saudia: Final Words

In summary, Saudi Arabia has plenty of job opportunities, especially in fields like environmental management. With growth and projects like NEOM, high-paying jobs are available. Alongside traditional jobs, there’s a shift towards careers in engineering, health and safety, manufacturing, telecom, and environmental management.

For those wanting to work in Saudi Arabia, having the right qualifications is crucial. Certifications like OTHM Level 3 in Environmental Management can open doors to roles like Environmental Officer. Saudi Vision 2030 emphasizes change, and individuals with the right skills, including OTHM Level 3, can contribute to this transformation.

To find a job in Saudi Arabia, you can apply online on platforms like LinkedIn, connect with manpower agencies, or explore opportunities on a visit visa. Saudi Arabia offers not just opportunities but a dynamic landscape where the right skills, like OTHM Level 3 in Environmental Management, can shape the future.

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