This “Train-the-Trainer” course is structured to help students acquire the competency for the company’s occupational health & safety training in Lahore. This programme covers the criteria of the training programme, how to develop successful training, including best practises for health and safety training presentations. This training also addresses significant principles of safety and health that every teacher needs to know.

Students will complete all the necessary courses mentioned below to apply for this programme certificate.

  • 700 Introduction to Safety Management
  • 703 Introduction to OSH Training
  • 704 Hazard Analysis and Control
  • 706 Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis
  • 711 Introduction to Ergonomics
  • 721 Developing OSH Training
  • 723 Conducting OSH Training


Most frequent questions and answers

You are probably already helpful in for others that are keen to help them understand their responsibilities whether you are either a safety instructor or are preparing to become one. You would be able to:

  • Build on your established abilities.
  • Develop your skills for presentation.
  • Increase your awareness of the advancement of safety training.
  • Learn how to perform safety training efficiently.
  • In your office, make a distinction.
  • Build a resume that is more impressive.

This training programme is intended for safety trainers or any other persons in charge of ensuring that workers know how to operate in a safe way.
This initiative also helps people who are striving to fulfil their career objective of being a safety teacher. As a safety teacher, this curriculum helps you develop the important skills you would need for the career path.

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Yes for sure.

  • In order to be approved as a professional safety trainer. employees should:
  • Have understanding of the topic being taught and expertise;
  • Pass a course called “Train-the-Trainer” and;
  • Have their expertise and presentation abilities tested by a qualified individual.

The OSHACADEMY Train the trainer course is planned to be delivered in 36 Hours class training.

All modules are internally evaluated by the 2 hours multiple choice exam with 70% passing number are mandatory to get certified.

We are offering:
Train the trainer in Lahore
Train the trainer in Islamabad/Rawalpindi
Train the trainer in Abbottabad
Train the trainer in Karachi
Train the trainer in Hyderabad.
Opening Soon Train the trainer in Peshawar
Opening Soon Train the trainer in Multan

Education standards and services are the same in all locations