The emergency department is surrounded by hazards. There’s HAZARDS everywhere. Everyone needs to take care of it. The consequences of the slightest mistake could be devastating.
By means of this program (Emergency department safety program in Pakistan), you will be presented to some key topics needed for emergencies. The features including how to avoid hypersensitivity allergies, blood-borne pathogens, first aid skills, good communication, slip, trip, and fall presentation for healthcare workers, and workplace risks and brutality in healthcare.

The course outline of EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT SAFETY Course

In order to obtain a certificate from this program, all students must take the following courses. There is no time limit to obtain these courses.

  • The actions of Emergency & The plant to prevent Fire
  • Foundation knowledge of OSHA
  • Latex Allergies in Healthcare department
  • The Hazardous Chemicals in Healthcare department
  • The Biological Hazards in Healthcare department
  • The Stress and Violence in Healthcare department
  • The Electrical Safety in Healthcare department
  • Introductory knowledge of Common Hazards in Hospital
  • The Ergonomic Injuries and its prevention in Healthcare department
  • Slip, Trip, & Fall Prevention Program
  • The Bloodborne Pathogens in the sector of Healthcare


Most frequent questions and answers

If you’re joining the healthcare maintenance field and want to stay connected to what you’re doing or try to upgrade your skills, this program is a perfect way to accomplish all of these goals.

  • Teaches you the first aid skills for emergencies.
  • Sharpen you to think and solved problems and gives a best recommendation.
  • Be aware of the dangers that found in emergencies.
  • Adding information to handle terrible injuries.
  • Reduce the effects of latex allergies.
  • Helps to understands the principles of OSHA’s training.
  • Gives you self-confidence, makes you aware of your duties and leads you to success.

This program represents all individuals who wants to work or formerly work in an emergency room. After finishing this program, employers will realize that there must be safety at the workplace.

Issuing body is OSHAcademy a well know United States organization working since 1970.

Everyone in the field of emergency needs to respond to calls from patients immediately at any time of the day. This EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT SAFETY Course discusses certain key emergency safety issues, such as bottlenecks may develop in the process of delivering care but does not compromise on patient’s health. There are several variables that have an effect on patient safety in an emergency:

  • Age patient, entity, and arrival time of patient.
  • Length of patient to stay in hospital.
  • Tradition Short Stay Acute Care oriented emergency facilities.
  • Adding to many aging patients.

From all above factors that can affect emergency room in own way.

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The course is planned to be delivered in 10 Hours class training around 2 days.

Yes- daily class duration will be 120 Minutes so it will take around 5 days to complete the course.