Program Description

 Companies are currently hiring health and safety managers to plan, perform best and spread their work so that their business can grow. If you are a member of the construction industry, you should have to know all the safety details you need.


 If you’re joining the construction industry and want to stay connected to what you’re doing or try to upgrade your skills, this program is a perfect way to accomplish all of your goals. OSH managers or directors in the construction industry who are responsible for the health and safety program of their company and organization. Knowledge will be added to the guidance of this Safety and Health program and the way their work will be refined so that they can do their job in the best possible way.

  1. Effective Accident Investigation

  2. Introduction to OSH Training

  3. Hazard Communication Program

  4. Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis

  5. OSHA Recordkeeping Basics

  6. Personal Protective Equipment

  7. Energy Control Program – LOTO

  8. Safety Supervision and Leadership

  9. Electrical Safety Basics

  10. Emergency Action Plans

  11. Fire Prevention Plans

  12. Ergonomics Program Management

  13. Working with OSHA

  14. Hearing Conservation Program Mgmt

  15. Bloodborne Pathogens Program Mgmt

  16. Intro to Construction Safety Mgmt

  1. Trench and Excavation Safety

  2. Scaffold Safety Program Mgmt

  3. Scaffold Erection and Inspection

  4. Fall Protection in Construction

  5. Focus Four – Falls

  6. Focus Four – Caught-In/Between

  7. Focus Four – Struck-By

  8. Focus Four – Electrocution

  9. Hand and Power Tool Safety

  10. Construction Worksite Safety

  11. Heavy Equipment Safety

  12. Demolition Safety

  13. Confined Spaces in Construction

  14. Cranes and Derrick Safety I

  15. Cranes and Derrick Safety II

  16. Developing a Construction SMS

  17. Health Hazards in Construction

Particular Benefits

If you’re joining the construction industry and want to stay connected to what you’re doing or try to upgrade your skills, this program will give you the opportunity to do all the following points.


  • Teaches you how to stay safe in the construction industry.

  • Adding information to avoid terrible injuries.

  • It’s looking to assist you and identify the problems and find a solution

  • Develop the skills needed to build an effective safety management system (SMS).

  • Knowledge of the skills and responsibilities needed in the construction sector.

  • Gives you the skills you need to lead others and your company to success.

Aimed Audience

 This online program is designed for the officer, in particular the safety officer, so that they can run the industry. When you complete this program, will you realize how important safety is to you? And help you understand the responsibility to protect workers at the construction site.


 One of the advantages of this program is that you will be an expert in safety and your work. You will hit the heights of your work and prove yourself to be the best.


Most frequent questions and answers

After some training, we can give you a certificate that you have finished the courses. OSHAcademy certificates do not certify you as a qualified construction safety manager. And, of course, OSHA does not certify anyone as a qualified construction safety manager either. As you should know, you will also be certified in the USA when you have completed your training and have received practical training, and you will also have to pass the exam so that you can prove your qualification to the Board of Certified Safety Professionals.

Give us call/ WhatsApp or email to get current fee.

The course is planned to be delivered in 162 Hours class training around 21 days.

Yes- daily class duration will be 120 Minutes so it will take around 81 days to complete the course.