Cardiff Consultants

We are providing assistance to Pakistani students who wish to enrol in top-tier universities in Europe and Russia, as well as assisting this group of people by offering them a seamless integration of academic advice and job placement support. Students are offered admission in the Bachelor’s degree programme and assistance with the processing of their visas so they can attend one of the finest colleges in Europe. They are also given the opportunity to work while pursuing their education and acquire job experience in a European country.
We have created our “Student Visa Consultation” service with a thorough covering of all the necessary duties, from admission to visa stamping to travel arrangements, because we are aware of the difficulties faced by individuals who wish to attend renowned overseas educational institutions. Our devoted team is here to assist you at every turn and handle all legal requirements in a simple and hassle-free way.
For nations like Canada, the United States, Poland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Singapore, Malaysia, and Russian states, among others, we provide “recruitment and academic” facilitation.


• Course Selection – Our counsellors give you comprehensive information on the location, job, pay, and the courses that may be taken at the institution. They carefully analyse the candidates’ educational background and professional experience before presenting them with a list of courses they can take while still working in these European countries. When providing employment details and the preferred course, consideration is given to the candidates’ preferences and career objectives.
• Completion of Admission Formalities – Although this task can be difficult, we have a wide range of connections with reputable universities and educational institutions abroad. As a result, we work closely with the university admission control office to make sure that all admission processes are completed as quickly as possible.
• Visa Arrangement & Stamping – Full support is provided with regard to visa applications, including the necessary paperwork for filing the visa, processing the application, and submitting it to the relevant consulate for the visa stamping.
• Ticket Booking, Travel Arrangement, & Accommodation – We help you with every step of the way and are aware of all your travel requirements, so we book your flights, arrange for currency conversion, and arrange for travel insurance before you schedule your deployment.