Training Goal

To focus on techniques for gathering complete, accurate and objective accident data used to arrive at true root causes and determine corrective action. To further examine and analyze data as a means of preventing injuries, property damage and financial losses.

Who should attend?

All levels of management, safety practitioners, safety committee members, and individuals responsible for investigating accidents (incidents).

You’ll learn to:

· Employ effective investigation and interview techniques

· Analyze accidents to identify “”true”” root causes

· Describe human relations issues affecting accident reporting

Participants examine:

· Incidents to investigate

· On-site investigation process

· Data to include in investigation reports

· Witness interview techniques

· Post action: hazard control measures and follow-up

Pre-Course Requirements: None

Certificate validity

AOSH UK Accident Investigation is valid for a period of three years.

Assessment method

This qualification is assessed by Multi Choice Questions (MCQ) for theory and underpinning knowledge. To Awarded this qualification the Learner must achieve a percentage pass in the MCQ paper.