Overseas Recruitment Services

We at Cardiff Manpower Solutions have extensive experience in finding the most perfect placement solutions for our clients by combining our expertise and also adhering to professional recruitment standards. In addition to having a profound knowledge of global labour recruiting services, we also hold the capability of providing broad HR services and recruitment support for the purpose of enhancing the labour potential of our customers. Because we are a global recruitment firm, we have the experience of having placed a variety of qualified individuals in employment opportunities in the Middle East.

In addition to this, some of the additional high-quality services that are included in the price that we offer are as follows:


• Following the identification of a possible candidate, an employer or authorised delegate will direct an oral/commonsense selection test.
• Here, we ensure that the applicant arrives at the designated location on time by arranging travel and other logistics.
• If we are responsible for the selection and testing of an impending employee, we do so with the assistance of a board of specialists and under the direct supervision of professional officials.


After a candidate has been selected, we hold an orientation or an introduction programme in which he is made familiar with important facets such as –

• The Work Culture of Each Respective Organization
• Industrial Practices
• Concerns Regarding Personal Safety
• Labor Laws
• Any Other Appropriate Concerns

Why Us?

• We have a large database of international placements in every important area of work;
• We have a wonderful staff of professionals with extensive knowledge of international business organisations.
• Strong relationships with airlines, travel agencies, government agencies, consultants, and embassies ensure that the entire process is flawlessly handled.
• We provide our clients with international employment situation consultancy help. We regularly update our database, allowing us to provide the finest opportunity for the appropriate occupation.
• Our expertise also consists in fully taking into account visa papers as well as various customs.


Contract length is two years, and annual leave is between 21 and 30 days.

• Ticket for joining and leaving is provided
• Food and lodging are offered
• Duty for 8 hours
• Issued a residence permit
• Provision of Health Insurance