Course Introduction 

Dye penetrating testing is a course set which encompasses basic information regarding application of fluorescent dye to the surface. This dye helps filling up gaps and discontinuities via capillary action. The method is used for non-absorbent materials with uncoated surfaces. The course contains complete understanding of such methods and techniques. The PT course is useful as it guides how to make immediate application. This course is also preferred for NDT trainees who acquire level I and II training. It is useful for any personnel responsible for LPT (liquid penetrate testing). Candidates will be able to learn to techniques applicable on welds, castings and wrought product. It provides theoretical knowledge along with practical experimentation.

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Training Outline

Theoretical Training

  • Review of Level I course
  • Selection of Techniques
  • Manufacturing Processes & Discontinuities
  • Interpretation of Indications
  • Preservation of Indications
  • Evaluation of Test Materials
  • Penetrant Materials Quality Control
  • Codes, Standards & Procedures

Practical Training

Visible (Red) and fluorescent penetrant testing of various types of engineering components using dry, wet, solvent suspended developers and also interpretation & Evaluation. 

Admission Process

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