Laboratory Safety Course in Pakistan by OSHAcademy USA

The hazards faced by laboratory staff, including chemical, biological and nuclear hazards and physical structure disorders, are very severe. The laboratory safety course provides guidance to both medical and dental laboratory staff to enhance their safety and provide them with the ability to deal with challenges.

in addition to OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health USA) compulsory 6-hour general industry subject, this programme also provides excellent 9-hour laboratory specific training which address all the major hazards of laboratory safety. With realistic examples, including sensitivity, bloodborne pathogens in the healthcare setting, biological hazards, and slip, trip, and fall prevention for healthcare environments, this programme looks at these important topics. This curriculum guides executives to learn about stranded OSHA training for their employees.

General OSHA Basics

  • The Hazard Communication Program
  • The Emergency & The Prevention of Fire Plans
  • PPE’s
  • The Workplace Electrical Safety
  • Foundation of OSHA

The Laboratory safety

  • Latex Allergy in Health care
  • Biological Hazards in Health care
  • Prevention of the Ergonomic Injuries in Healthcare
  • Slip and Trip for Healthcare Workers
  • The Bloodborne Pathogens in the Healthcare Setting
  • Laboratory Safety

Program Benefits

If you’re joining the healthcare field and want to stay connected to what you’re doing or try to upgrade your skills, this program is a perfect way to accomplish all of these goals. Laboratory Safety Course in Pakistan will:

  • Teaches you how to stay safe in the laboratory.
  • Sharpen you working skills in laboratory.
  • Be aware of the dangers that found in a dental and medical laboratory.
  • Adding information to avoid terrible injuries.
  • Reduce the effects of latex allergies.
  • Helps to understands the principles of OSHA.

Gives you self-confidence, makes you aware of your duties and leads you to success.


Most frequent questions and answers

Issuing body is OSHAcademy a well know United States organization working since 1970.

This program represents all individuals who wants to work or formerly work in the hospital or laboratory healthcare field. After finishing this program, employers will realize that there must be safety at the workplace. like

  • The Medical assistant
  • The Ophthalmic assistant
  • TheCertified nurse (CNA)

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The course is planned to be delivered in 15 Hours class training around 2 days.

Yes- daily class duration will be 120 Minutes so it will take around 8 days to complete the course.

Working in a laboratory ensures that you are exposed to chemicals and other toxic materials while working at risk. This laboratory safety course will educate you about these hazards and control measures. The benefits of being aware of safety details are numerous. Some of the benefits are that first you’ll be secure, then your peers and the whole lab. Laboratory protection is split into several key points in which hazards need to be identified, mitigated and decreased.

You will most likely trust yourself to protect your laboratory and colleagues from a variety of hazards after you have completed the lab safety programme. As you know, it’s not a child’s play to deal with flammable substances, you need to know where the chemical is, how it responds and how it can be treated. You need to know if all these chemical compounds can be resolved.

The Importance of Practicing Lab Safety

There are endless reasons why we need to know the value of Lab safety both at school and in your career. There are some important reasons regarding lab safety.

It really can save lives.

As we know, we have talked about risk mitigation. If no risk-reducing action is taken, the outcomes would be worst.
When laboratory safety concerns are not handled, people may get into trouble. If laboratory equipment not properly used and if you can not control the reactions of chemical which can lead to many problems even death. Laboratory workers always in danger just like chemical spills, toxic fumes, needle pricks and radioactive reactions play a massive role to harm the workers.

Your Career in Lab Safety

Laboratory protection has nothing to do with the profession you’re seeking. At career Quest, we will not only improve the skills but also experience you some practical examples. But the most important thing is you have to learn about different career opportunities of laboratory safety. We must teach you the way you ensure yourself and other from serious laboratory risk.