Advanced Certificate in Environmental Management

OTHM Level 3
Advanced Certificate in Environmental Management

Globally recognized qualification for those who have Environmental Management responsibilities or anyone wishing to have a career in this area. The OTHM Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Environmental Management covers the principles of environmental management and is relevant for both UK and international markets.

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  • The course includes six mandatory units.
  • It comprises a total of 36 credits.
  • The overall time for the qualification is 360 hours, out of which 72 hours are designated for guided learning.


  • Face-to-face mode: 6 hours daily for a total of six days.
  • Online/Virtual mode: 3 hours daily spanning two weeks.

Training Modes

  • Face-to-Face
  • Virtual
  • Part-Time


  • Practical Assignments
  • Field Work
  • Short Q&A
  • Environmental Impact Assessment


  • Training Fee: 150,000/-
  • Annual Renewal: Not required.
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A Great institute that goes above and beyond when it comes to providing their students with knowledge of Health and safety, guide them in properly in choosing the correct career paths in the Health and Safety Industry. Sir Usama delivered inform


Moin Imran


Cardiff is the best institute in Lahore for NEBOSH. Here are the best trainers who are experts in their work. Many safety courses are conducted here like NEBOSH , IOSH, OSHA etc. I will recommend my friends to come here as well. Overall, the experience was absolutely interesting! · This was the best experience I had in my whole life. · Outstanding. · The course was very intensive.


Mian Adil

I had a great time doing this course & everyone involved in CARDIFF has made it a great experience. I look forward to doing more courses with you guys in the future and have been recommending you to everyone i know. Thank you for all the assistance, it has been delightful & gratfying.

Junaid Arshad


Othm Environmental Certification makes you perfect for all kinds of Environmental Management roles.  With a 98% job placement rate, this course offers a straightforward path to becoming a skilled environmental professional, ensuring a clean, office-based job with high earning potential.

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What People Mostly Ask Before Enrolling in Othm Level 3 (UK) Advance  Environmental Management Certification?

Environmental Management Scope is increasing every hour. Competition is only 2% . So Your Chances to get a Job is around 98%.

No, the course is made to facilitate a person who is an average learner. The syllabus starts slowly, from child-like basic knowledge, and advances to perfection. In the last, you will turn out to be a demanding professional, ready to capture a high-income job. 

Salary is not fixed in for all companies, but you can get between 8000-12000 Rayal in Saudia. A similar trend of handsome salaries is observed in the Middle East and Europe. 

Yes, Climate Change and Global Warming is a hot topic, every industry, NGO, and consultancy need people with Environmental Knowledge. 

Every Month 30+ People Enroll. The majority are already employed in the Safety Departments 

  • – Rising scope of Environmental Management
  • – High Salaries to earn and save more 
  • – Neat, clean, and office-based handsome job  
  • – job security for at least the next 25 years
  • -Give the edge for selection in the HSE department of big, famous companies 

– Get opportunities to visit International Conferences in Europe

  • There is a flood of NEBOSH people in the Gulf, 
  • More people and few jobs = Low Salaries
  • The job of a Safety Officer is difficult, like working in a fire all day, plus dirt, sweating, and dealing with uneducated labor, on the field.

Opportunities in Environmental Management