According to the Bureau of Labor, 21.7% of workers are working in the therapist sector. It is considered that 5400 jobs can be found in this sector from 2018 to 2029. Most physicians refer these patients to therapists who have suffered muscular injuries and neurological damage. This program takes a look at these important topics with practical examples, including ergonomic injuries, bloodborne pathogens in the healthcare setting, biological risks, and slip, trip, and fall prevention for healthcare setting. This program guides managers learn about OSHA training standards for their workers.

It is part of any clinic to provide safety to patients and to assist the therapist, physician and physician in taking precautions to avoid risk.


In order to obtain a certificate from this program, all students must take the following courses.

  • Introduction to Hazard Communication
  • Foundation to OSHA
  • The Workplace Hygiene, its importance and Illness Prevention
  • Hazardous Chemicals found in physical therapy and its controls
  • Biological Hazards found in physical therapy and its controls
  • Workplace Stress during physical therapy, Violence and controls
  • Common Hospital Hazards and its controls
  • Prevention of Ergonomic Injuries
  • Slip, Trip, & Fall Prevention during work
  • Bloodborne Pathogens and control measure in the Healthcare department


Most frequent questions and answers

All those directly or indirectly affiliated with the health care department, therpaist, assistant and other qualified technicians. All those involved in the Heath Care sector can get this program for their own benefit.

If you’re joining the healthcare pharmacy safety field and want to stay connected to what you’re doing or try to upgrade your skills, this program is a perfect way to accomplish all of these goals.

  • Sharpen you to think and solved problems and gives a best recommendation.
  • Be aware of the dangers that found in physical therapy field.
  • Adding information to handle terrible conditions.
  • Reduce the effects of latex allergies.
  • Helps to understands the principles of OSHA’s training.

Gives you self-confidence, makes you aware of your duties and leads you to success.

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The course is planned to be delivered in 10 Hours class training around 2 days.

Yes- daily class duration will be 120 Minutes so it will take around 5 days to complete the course.

More about the Employee Safety Measures

More than 20 percent of people in America suffer from Physical Structure Disorders prior to their treatment.

It is important to know that any worker has been injured during duty, causes fear of other workers, which is why the business has dropped. In any event, employers must be aware of their responsibility to protect workers.
OSHA warns against the hazards posed by lifting weights in order to avoid all injuries following the instructions given below.

  • Do communication about lifting
  • Take a time and make a plan to do work
  • Follow the perfect instructions to lift any weight
  • Use your muscles of leg and arms to control weight by keep your back tight.
  • Avoid over lifting and don’t lift above your head.
  • Never twist during lifting and make sure your item must near your body.
  • Always asked for help because team work is always good.
  • Use smart way to lifting as with help of mechanical lift equipment and sliding boards.
  • Wheelchair and treatment tables are good for patient meanwhile with help of straight cane.
  • Therapist can adjust equipment and weight according to his requirements that why always use adjustable equipment.

Patient safety Measure

Physiotherapy should ensure that your workers are responsible for the safety of patients and start the best treatment for them. Your job is to make it clear whether or not the patient is satisfied with you, and it is your duty to satisfy them. Taking care of the patient is your first priority.
Staff should take special care of patients who have just been injured or recovered from surgery. It is important to look at the patients during their exercises as they do it in the right way or not, always take care of them in the safe from they slip or fall and so on.
It is important to bear in mind that there are plans to protect patients. All patients who are sick should be relieved if they are desperate and move towards positive thinking.
OSHA rules and regulations are visible everywhere in your workplace and hospitals, while all patient and staff instructions should be colored or labelled.
The equipment shall be accompanied by a method. If the company has not provided a means of using the equipment, you can show your own way of using the equipment. Each device must be labeled with a color to determine which shrine is useful.
The work area should be clean, if desired, carpeted, and there’ll be a catchment area so that no one is disturbed or slipped.

Make sure you’re qualified

Furthermore, while working, you should be aware of all the clinic policies and have proper insurance information.