The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise. No matter what industry or environment you are working in, accidents are unfortunate and can happen. That’s where we are headed in as an organization to make best saviors, after clear statistics reading which stated 139 deaths across the United Kingdom and 609000 injuries at working places and as per ILO in 2012 around 270 million accidents occurred globally, the existence of such organization which values human life and which understands the measures to be taught got meaningful. We as that organization, welcome those who are self-starters, motivated to learn and grow.


Cardiff School of Certified Professionals formally known as (CARDIFF) is ISO 9001:2015 certified company established in 2014 to address not only Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality issues but as well technical and competent workforce gaps globally.

CARIDIFF is registered company in England and Wales with company number #9721694 and in Pakistan # 0096364. This institution was brought to life with an aim to provide best training programs regarding technical staff. The organization excelled at bestowing and cater with high quality training programs. For us, client’s satisfaction is prior concern, coping up with real life risks and multiple field environments can be tiring enough, but with CARDIFF training and assistance, where we proudly have professional tutors with skills and astonishing learning abilities to instill, you will be surely able to face these risks as just a simple everyday task.

At CARDIFF, we serve our members and learners as family to be taken care of, teaching them with assurance to be flourished at any field they choose to work in, we excel in providing experience that will be highly helpful for you in the years to come at work.

CARDIFF enables real time protection which is the major priority for the staff as well as for the organization in any corporation. With provision of CARDIFF, a company would definitely improve the efficiency of its employees with entrusting CARDIFF to train them.

Our team of professional trainers and our staff is the asset that builds confidence and strikes in for self-motivation and makes a place in the hearts of all students we get a chance to engage with. We are proud to state that we are the platform for learning at its best amongst well experienced and reputably known professionals. We are privileged to provide our students with excellent and valued training.
We look forward to provide you with the best hands-on learning owning warmth and optimistic vibes.