CSCP accepts its responsibility to make our workers, clients, associates, students and our surroundings safe. We have set HSE standards for our organisation to handle any problem that might occur. We try to achieve our goal of zero accidents, with no lost time or reportable injuries, no environmental incidents, or damage to property. We continuously protect our public and employees and improve their safety conditions because our long-term success will be the result of protecting the environment in which they work and progress.


Our policy is to set certain goals through which we can ensure public, students and environmental safety as well as the economic stability of our workers. We provide a safe working environment with the latest safety equipment, a safe work system, and skills that, coupled with a higher level of professional training, ensure the safety of employees in job areas. We are thus meeting the needs of both current customers and employees and those of the future. For this, we keep abreast of future trends and techniques.
We appreciate the initiative, respect privacy rules and ensure the health and safety of employees by implementing measures that are both professional and conducive to a positive working atmosphere.


Our commitment is to integrate our policy at all organisational levels, by assigning certain roles to our management team and by acquiring the support of our employees and working groups. Our strongest commitment is to protecting employees, customers, the environment and third parties, as only by improving standards of health and safety in our workplace and environment can we flourish and progress.
All our stakeholders support this policy, which especially our involved and committed senior management. We ensure that it is communicated and adhered to at all levels of workers and students, and that it will be plainly displayed at selected high-visibility locations in our workplace and facilities.


CSCP pledges to eliminate all kinds of discrimination and is committed to actively encouraging harmony among all personnel, as well as making equal opportunities available to all employees for training and achievement in all areas of the company’s activities and operations. We respect each employee and hold their individuality in high regard, so that they will be able to give their best. Our aim is that our workforce will be truly representative of all sections of society.


It is our professional policy not to discriminate against employees, partners, members, directors, clients or any lawful/unlawful visitors and third parties, without lawful cause, against any person, nor victimise or harass on grounds of:
• Race or racial group (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins)
• Sex (including marital, pregnancy, maternity or paternity) and gender
• Religion or belief
• Age
• Disability
The purpose of this policy is to provide equality for all in our employment as well as for third parties and organisations with which CSCP has a relationship. We discourage all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination against anyone.
We have a no-tolerance position toward any act of physical, non- physical, verbal or non-verbal communication and gesture to degrade and humiliate, as it is against the cultural norm of the organisation. CSCP believes in justice and respect for all employees, whether part- time, full- time or temporary. With regard to the appointment of new personnel, CSCP believes in equal opportunities for everyone. Advertisement of new vacancies through published potential media will bear this out. Interviews and appointments of candidates will be based on their expertise, qualifications and/or suitableness for the vacancy offered. Questions relating to health or disability will not be asked at interview stage unless the job requires a specific level of fitness intrinsic to the role. CSCP aims to fulfil the requirements of legislation intended to prevent unfair discrimination using the relevant regulatory criteria.


• Creating an environment that will ensure respect and value meet
the contribution of all workers.
• Giving every individual the right to access to a working
environment that promotes dignity and respect to all. No form of
intimidation, bullying or harassment will be tolerated.
• Ensuring that individuals’ (employees, contractors, visitors) and third party training, development and progression opportunities
are available.
• Reviewing all our employment practices and procedures to ensure
fairness in provision of our services.
• This policy enjoying the full support of senior management and its
tenets monitored and reviewed annually.
Responsibility for implementation of this policy exists at all employment levels but specifically management will take reasonable steps for assurance of its implementation and will investigate and handle any complaint if it occurs.
CSCP will take all complaints of discrimination, bullying and harassment seriously and any non-compliance with the policy could lead to serious disciplinary action for such misconduct by any employees, partners, clients or other stakeholders. Complaints of harassment will be investigated according to the company complaint redress system and the outcome will be communicated within a specific time to associated parties.
All stakeholders must support this policy, validated by management.


CSCP has a policy of protecting the rights and privacy of employees, individuals, voluntary staff, contractors, and organisations that CSCP deal with, in order to carry on our work and share personal information according to the applicable data protection law. Any breach of the applicable law or the company’s data protection policy is considered an offence and, in that event, disciplinary procedures will apply. It is our policy to comply with all applicable private and data protection laws.


• We only collect information needed for a specific purpose and will not exceed the purpose for which it is collected. We will ensure that appropriate technical and organisational measures shall apply against unauthorised or unlawful processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of data.
• Information collected shall be relevant, accurate and, where necessary, kept up to date.
• CSCP will not keep any information for longer than is necessary.
• We will not disclose any personal information in a manner inconsistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected, unless the individual has subsequently consented to the new use of their personal information.
• Personal information will not be used for direct marketing purposes without giving the individual an opportunity to opt out.


• CSCP will take all feasible steps to ensure that personal information is suitable for its intended use, complete, and, where necessary, kept up to date.
• CSCP will ensure all practical measures are taken to protect an individual’s and the organisation’s personal information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.
• CSCP will not keep any information for longer than is necessary.
• CSCP will assign responsibility to individuals within the company for compliance with laws and related policies and they will be accountable as well.
• CSCP will provide internal controls for verifying compliance with laws and related policies and procedures.
• CSCP will design a procedure for investigating and resolving problems associated with data protection and communicate this process to the individuals concerned.


• Only authorized personnel can access laptop or computer systems.
• All Windows/Mac Operating Systems receive automatic updates and installation of firewalls and antivirus software.
• E-mail content is encrypted or password-protected.
• E-mail will be sent without revealing recipients’ addresses to
others, will remain under checking when e-mail is sent to groups and we will ensure the use of the BCC (blind carbon copy) option to protect data.
• We will check fax numbers twice before sending a fax to ensure security, and faxes received will not be left unattended in our offices.
• We will make sure we shred all sensitive waste and ensure the security of the workplace.
• We will use strong passwords of at least 8 digits, including upper and lower case, and we will avoid leaving display screens unattended.


• CSCP will ensure that we:
• Develop awareness about the Data Protection Policy so that staff knows exactly what we expect from them.
• Allocate clear roles and responsibilities about data handling, recording and housekeeping as well as the locking and security of relevant allocated storage spaces.
• Know about advanced technologies and employees’ expected exposure to data protection.