Overhead crane safety is regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 1910.179. This regulation covers overhead and gantry crane general requirements, design, inspection, maintenance requirements, and operations. At CARDIFF, we are proud to provide with best overhead crane inspection teams with expertise and insights to provide you with the best overhead crane inspection services. We offer both frequent and interval inspections as required by industries. In Pakistan, the developmental criteria is boosted as vastly as in abroad areas, so we need safety measures to ensure that the equipment being used and at hold is right and safe enough while construction activities are performed.  So we are known best for overhead crane inspection in Pakistan. We are reliable team providers for overhead crane inspection in Pakistan. You can find us at the top most providers for overhead crane inspection in Pakistan. We at CSCP are highly and sustainably committed towards the measures that are valued globally, programs and services that are useful at very field you choose and professionals that make learning at CSCP worthy enough. You can trust us for overhead crane inspection services. You will surely find us truly committed and outstanding for overhead crane inspection services in Pakistan.


Proper inspection of overhead cranes is important because it helps ensure safe equipment operation. That is what we are providing, overhead crane inspection in Pakistan. Thoroughly inspecting overhead cranes improves operator safety and prevents operator injury.


  • Reducing time lost caused by equipment breakdown
  • Detecting potentially hazardous conditions
  • Reducing the costs of repairs by correcting defects before equipment is seriously damaged
  • Uncovering dangerous conditions which are not evident to your operators


  • Items to inspect
  • Proper use of the equipment
  • Lock out/tag out procedures
  • How to document the inspections
  • Who to contact if a product requires service or repair
  • Any additional information listed in the manufacturer’s operation manual
  • Ensure the work safety
  • Ensure the working of crane at safety level
  • Check all equipment properly


  • All functional operating mechanisms for maladjustment interfering with the proper operation (crane inspection)
  • Deterioration or leakage in lines, tanks, valves, drain pumps, and other parts of air or hydraulic systems (overhead crane inspection)
  • Visual inspection of hooks with deformation or cracks (overhead crane inspection)
  • Visual inspection of hoist chains, including end connections, for excessive wear, twist, distorted links interfering with proper function, or stretch beyond the manufacturer’s recommendations (overhead crane inspection)
  • All functional operating mechanisms for excessive wear of components (crane inspection)
  • Rope reeving for noncompliance with manufacturer’s recommendations (overhead crane inspection services)
  • Deformed, cracked, or corroded members (crane inspection)
  • Loose bolts or rivets (crane inspection)
  • Cracked or worn sheaves and drums (crane inspection, overhead crane inspection)
  • Worn, cracked or distorted parts such as pins, bearings, shafts, gears, rollers, locking and clamping devices (overhead crane inspection)
  • Excessive wear on brake system parts, linings, pawls, and ratchets (crane inspection)
  • Load, wind, and other indicators over their full range, for any significant inaccuracies (overhead crane inspection)
  • Gasoline, diesel, electric, or other power plants for improper performance or noncompliance with applicable safety requirements (overhead crane inspection services)
  • Excessive wear of chain drive sprockets and excessive chain stretch (crane inspection, overhead crane inspection)
  • Electrical apparatus, for signs of pitting or any deterioration of controller contactors, limit switches and pushbutton stations (crane inspection, overhead crane inspection)

Doing proper and regular inspection and maintenance on overhead cranes is essential to guarantee the safe application of the cranes. Better be safe than sorry! So it is important for all industries to have overhead crane inspection services.