The most significant MEWP dangers arise from operation and use of the machine rather than from their
movement as a site vehicle. That is why we need MEWPS inspection to cut down such consequences. It
is important to select the right MEWP inspection services for the job and site. Have a plan for rescuing
someone from a MEWP and practice it – someone on the ground should know what to do in an
emergency and how to operate the machine’s ground controls. That is where Cardiff excels and offers
best expertise regarding MEWPS inspection. Our commitment towards quality services makes us first
choice for MEWPS inspection in Pakistan. MEWPS inspection in Pakistan is now available at Cardiff.
Our major MEWPS inspection considers the following necessary tasks but are not limited to:
 The safety instructions and manuals for operation and maintenance applicable at the time of
inspection. (MEWPS inspection)
 Controls and emergency stop (MEWPS inspection)
 Detailed examination of all wire ropes and chains (MEWPS inspection)
 Detailed visual inspection of all structural components (MEWPS inspection)
 Non-destructive testing of structural components as identified by the manufacturer and other
suspect areas for evidence of cracking due to fatigue or excessive stress (MEWPS inspection)
 Structural, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, control and operational anomalies (MEWPS
 Components whose maintenance records indicate repeated failures (MEWPS inspection)
 Braking systems (MEWPS inspection)
 Work platform levelling systems (MEWPS inspection)
 Work platform, guardrails and access gate (MEWPS inspection)
 Manufacturer’s safety upgrades and bulletins (MEWPS inspection)
 Secondary and emergency retrieval systems (MEWPS inspection)
 Tolerance checking of wearing components (MEWPS inspection)
 Checks for corrosion and environmental degradation (MEWPS inspection)
 Inspection of components which may have been replaced previously (MEWPS inspection)
 The specific safety devices of the MEWPs inspection (MEWPS inspection)
 Arboriculture
 Building and construction
 Bush and forest industries
 Electrical supply and distribution
 Film and television
 Plant and machinery hire

 Port operations
 Sign writing and advertising
 Stock picking
 Railways
 Telecommunications
 Warehousing.
Using a MEWP inspection. Planning safe work includes the hazard management process, which is:
 Identify the hazards. (mewps inspection)
 Assess the hazards – decide if the identified hazards are significant. Would they cause serious
harm? (mewps inspection)
 Control the hazards – eliminate, isolate or minimize the hazard. This includes selecting the right
MEWPs inspection for the task and workplace.
 Maintain the work plan or other safety documentation. (mewps inspection)
 Monitor the hazards and keep the work plan or task analysis updated. (mewps inspection)
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