Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), also known as acid gas, is an extremely toxic and flammable gas that can be found in the downstream and upstream sectors of the oil and gas industry. In concentrations greater than 100 ppm, the H2S is considered Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH) and can cause a series of effects, from eye and throat irritation to pulmonary edema. The Course covers the physical properties and health risks of the H2S, how to protect itself and the basic rescue techniques.

Who should register for this course:

ALL personnel working in a potentially IDLH area should attend an H2S awareness training before starting on the assignment site.

At the end of the session, the student will be able to do:

1-Describe The physical properties of the H2S.
2-To Describe the effects on occupational health of exposure to H2S.
3-List Personal and general safety precautions and personal protective equipment required when working in areas designated with H2S
4-describe the emergency escape procedures to be followed when a personal alarm sounds or Installation H2S
5-Demonstrate capacity to respond correctly to an alarm H2S.