LAHORE: NEBOSH IGC Session starting from 07-December-2021 KARACHI: IOSH Session starting from 20-November-2021 KARACHI: NEBOSH IGC Session starting from 15-November-2021 MULTAN: NEBOSH IGC Session starting from 11-November-2021 HYDERABAD: NEBOSH IGC Session starting from 16-November-2021 ISLAMABAD: NEBOSH IGC Session starting from 02-November-2021                           LAHORE: 03000644552                           MULTAN: 0300 0644553                                ISLAMABAD: 0300 0644556

The First Aid course is designed specifically for those people who work or intend to work in supervised humanitarian operations in often remote and dangerous environments where high levels of Attention. Situation. Sometimes, every minute is important, and first-aid courses are created to provide you with all the necessary knowledge about how to act during this minute. It is very important to ensure the functions, Vitale.

who should register for this course:

This course is aimed at those who want a basic understanding of emergency care, as well as a basic understanding or related clinical theories, and for people in the construction work or in the general community who wish to acquire Standard first aid skills in your workplace or personal benefit.


1-Evaluate the condition of the patient
2-Apply appropriate protocols to save lives.
3-Stabilize and packing to the victims for their transport.
4-Monitorear and to register the vital signs of the patient.
5-To describe anatomy and basic physiology.

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