Since 1984, security based on the behavior (BBS) has proved to be an effective tool to reduce accidents in the workplace. Although the business climate has changed dramatically since 1984, security based on the behavior has changed little. Even a proven technology or any methodology preset with documented results must eventually evolve or become obsolete.
Behavior-based security is an improved approach and improvement of traditional behavior-based security that uses performance aspects and quality systems to drastically reduce the internal resource requirements typical of a Behavior-based security process. Lean Behavior-Based Security focuses on the use (efficient and effective) of resources. This more agile model is so easy to implement and provides.

Key benefits of the program:
Requests of lower internal resources
It cost lower
Less starting
Better results in less time
Wider distribution of the information
Less interruption to the operations
Workers’ major support and trade unions.
Greater internalization and sustainability of the techniques and results.

An extreme approach in the efficiency and capture and delivering value to customers of the efforts of BBS. A balanced scorecard balanced for BBS that provides information on the effectiveness and the health of the process and its impact on the culture.
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