The investigations of the public and private sectors can be costly and time-consuming. It is therefore vital to meet the legal standards required and in accordance with best practices.
The governmental investigations, labor, complaints, general and police should be carried out expeditiously, so professional and competent, and result in a fair outcome and objective.
Cardiff School has developed a series of competency-based research training courses to ensure that those with a research role within their organization have the knowledge, Skills and confidence to meet best practice standards.

Our training courses of practical research and structured will help you to:

Improve convictions and successful investigations.
Reduce the risk of failure
Learn the standard procedures of the Court
Make Sure Your findings resist scrutiny in court
Works best in your role of investigator

Training in research at Cardiff School provides a way of structured development for all researchers, helping them to carry out their work more effectively. Training courses of public investigation are carried out regularly in Lahore. The internal training can be designed and be delivered in a place adapted in any place of Pakistan or the world.