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Tower crane inspection is very essential. Tower crane owners may not have access to expert professional engineering advice in-house. If this is the case arrangements should be made for securing such advice externally where this is necessary for the purposes of health and safety and clear guidelines should be established for when this advice should be sought. For this professional advice and assistance and expertise, CARDIFF is offering tower crane inspection services. Tower crane inspection in Pakistan is also now demanding factor because of developing industry. Cardiff is proud to be the best provider of tower crane inspection services in Pakistan. We at CSCP are highly and sustainably committed towards the measures that are valued globally, programs and services that are useful at very field you choose and professionals that make learning at CSCP worthy enough. That is why tower crane inspection in Pakistan is provided best by us. Tower crane inspection is important. Tower crane inspection in Pakistan is now offered at Cardiff. Our formula is simple and goal to accomplish is all dependent upon hard work and honest professional environment where we own experienced staff to be entrusted on. We are jeweled with the certifications that are approved and accepted worldwide.


  • Overload test following erection (tower crane inspection)
  • RCI/RCL calibration and functional test (tower crane inspection)
  • Hoist brake and luffing brake test (tower crane inspection)
  • Pre-delivery inspections (tower crane inspection)
  • Non Destructive Examination of individual components. (tower crane inspection)


  • Organization and planning;
  • Hierarchy of control;
  • Competence and supervision;
  • Steps to be taken to avoid risk from work at height;
  • Selection of work equipment;
  • Inspection of work equipment.


  • Understanding basic health and safety requirements, including the risk assessment process, together with need for site specific safety; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Slinging and signaling; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Tool skills, including the selection and use of tools; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Identification, selection and fitting of fasteners; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Use, inspection and maintenance of fall protection equipment (working at height) (Tower crane inspection)
  • Interpretation of technical information, use of manuals; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Basic assessment of weather conditions; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Product familiarity on all makes and models of crane on which maintenance is being carried out; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Preparing equipment for use including isolation of power sources etc; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Effective communication including the use and care of radio equipment; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Carrying out basic adjustments; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Identifying and rectifying basic faults in equipment; (Tower crane inspection)
  • Assisting with examinations and testing. (Tower crane inspection)

You can trust us to join the world’s biggest professional health and safety body to be a part of an active and respected community of like-minded people, who are all contributing to a safer and healthier world of work. And to get best tower crane inspection in Pakistan. We are independently owned and globally operated consulting firm with all above mentioned service courses and programs that ensures our commitment towards health and safety measures to keep the environment worth safe and secure to work in.

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