Environment is the most obsolete part to protect as we work in it. Cardiff is all about quality services
and promoter of safer and peaceful environments. Cardiff’s environmental inspection services are
designed to help your construction project achieve, maintain, and document environmental compliance.
Environmental inspection in Pakistan is at faster pace now because developmental activities are at a
glance and environmental requirements are understood by industries as well as working modules. We
have full-time Environmental Inspectors (EIs) who offer environmental inspection with professional
experience to assist your project through all phases of construction including environmental field
surveys, tree clearing, right-of-way building, active construction, and post-construction restoration. Our
CESSWI and CPESC certified inspectors are adept and knowledgeable with federal, state, and local
environmental permits, as well as the standards and guidelines needed to keep your project moving
forward and in compliance with changing environmental regulations.
Our inspectors work with utility companies, oil and gas companies, and electric companies on
construction/linear projects to help build their environmental compliance programs (focusing on storm
water and USACE wetland BMPs) at the field level. Our staff can bridge the gap between
designers/planners/managers and field crews by understanding the requirements of the permits at the
planning stage and translating the regulations to ensure field personnel understand what they must do
to stay in compliance. We identify potential compliance issues and help the
design/planning/management team pro-actively find solutions and develop protocols.
 Providing planning stage environmental field surveys and structural Best Management Practice
(BMP) estimations (environmental inspection services)
 Understanding, implementing, maintaining, and enforcing every procedure and mitigation
measure listed in the environmental and construction documents and permits (environmental
inspection services)
 Providing environmental training for all project personnel as needed (environmental inspection
 Conducting the necessary Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections and
developing all of the applicable documentation and amendments (environmental inspection
 Spot checking the field environmental reviews (design) to provide audit function and a second
professional opinion (environmental inspection services)
 Providing guidance during construction near or within the boundaries of wetlands, streams, and
other environmentally/culturally sensitive areas and habitats (environmental inspection
 Providing Ecological Risk Assessments (environmental inspection services)
 Developing and submitting construction-related variance requests (environmental inspection

 Environment Inspection Services
 Evaluating the construction contractor’s implementation of BMPs and environmental mitigation
measures required in the contract and other authorizing documents (environmental inspection
 Ordering or recommending the corrective actions needed to resolve non-compliance issues
 Documenting compliance with the conditions of any environmental permit required by federal,
state, and local agencies (environmental inspection services)
 Coordinating all environmental field inspections by federal, state, and local agencies
 Maintaining daily and weekly status reports and providing these reports to the project manager
and/or agency officials if requested (environmental inspection services)
 Providing post-construction restoration inspections, reports, and mitigation support
(environmental inspection services)

We at CSCP are highly and sustainably committed towards the measures that are valued globally,
programs that are useful at very field you choose and professionals that make learning at CSCP worthy
enough. Cardiff is proud to be a reputed, official, accredited training programs and services provider for
a wide range of certifications and industrial services based truly and immensely on quality, safety, health
and environmental momentums.