Providing quality services is the main aim of Cardiff. Tools inspection in Pakistan is now offered at Cardiff
along experienced and skilled staff. Tools inspection is important for smoother work tasks. Tool
inspection is as important as other safety measures to be taken at workplaces especially at construction
sites and where different tools are to be used frequently for work. Tools inspection is offered by CSCP.
Tools inspection is all catered with experienced and skilled team of CSCP. Tools inspection is vital in safe
working tasks. As demanded by large industrial work environments, industry tools inspection has
become necessary step. As a global service organization, we are proud to be first choice of every
industry for industry tools inspection.


Various tools and equipment are used at workplaces. It is important to inspect and check whether all
tools and equipment are safe and suitable enough to be used. For this purpose, CSCP offers a team of
professional and competent personals that will perform responsible tools inspection. Industries are our
clients as industries use wide variety of tools and equipment at work sites. That’s why to avoid any
mishap industry tools inspection is the right way.
Our team will perform:
 Crane /heavy equipment Inspection Heavy equipment (industry tools inspection)
 Soil Handling Equipment Inspection (industry tools inspection)
 Fork Lift Inspection (tools inspection, industry tools inspection)
 Mobile Lift Inspection (industry tools inspection)
 ARC Welding Machine Inspection (industry tools inspection)
 Engine Welding Machine (industry tools inspection)
 Power Generator Inspection (industry tools inspection)
 Air Compressor Inspection (industry tools inspection)
 Electrical equipment and power tools Inspection Rigging inspection (industry tools inspection)
 Telescope Lift &Scissors Lift Inspection (industry tools inspection)
 Scaffold and ladder inspection (industry tools inspection)
 Fire Extinguishers inspection (industry tools inspection)
 Rigging and hoisting equipment devices inspection (industry tools inspection)
 Fall protection equipment and devices (industry tools inspection)
 Emergency Rescue equipment (industry tools inspection)
 Evacuation and exit signs (industry tools inspection)
 Any equipment considered unsafe due to lack of technical integrity or poor maintenance shall
be removed from the work site
 Equipment and tools which are found to have a defect or a malfunction, or have been tampered
with or illegally modified, and are judged to be unacceptable in consequence of inspection shall
be immediately repaired, replaced, or removed from the Site.
 Records must be kept for each item of equipment and should include the identification number
of the equipment.

 Major general construction equipment shall include but not be limited to all equipment such as
Trucks, Tractors, excavators, Concrete Batch Plant(s), Asphalt Pavers, Large Electrical
Generators, Air Compressors, and Welding Equipment etc. (industry tools inspection)
 General electrical and power operating tools shall include but not be limited to power operated
hand tools and equipment such as Drills, Grinders, Pumps, and Mobile Welding Generators etc.
(industry tools inspection)
 Specialist equipment shall include but not be limited to all specialist equipment such as cranes;
fork lifts specialist trailers, etc. (industry tools inspection)
You can trust us to join the world’s biggest professional health and safety body to be a part of an active
and respected community of like-minded people, who are all contributing to a safer and healthier world
of work. We are independently owned and globally operated consulting firm with all above mentioned
service courses and programs that ensures our commitment towards health and safety measures to
keep the environment worth safe and secure to work in.