Who is NEBOSH?

NEBOSH is a global leader in providing occupational safety, health and environmental certification from basic course to Master-level. Their globally recognized certifications help to improve the expertise of safety and environmental practitioners of all levels of organization. More than 400,000 individuals from all over the globe have received a NEBOSH qualification since in 1979. We are the direct best course provider offering NEBOSH IGC in Lahore, Islamabad, Abbottabad, Karachi and Hyderabad.

Most of the students prefer NEBOSH IGC qualification to get highly paying jobs in the U.A.E, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is also ideal for those who want to develop their safety and health future and offers you a step towards success.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate, applicable to any organization, is suitable for administrators, supervisors, managers, and others with health & safety duties. So, it is best to start you NEBOSH IGC training in Lahore with Cardiff.

The NEBOSH International General Certificate training in Islamabad provides the fundamental skills you need, anywhere in the globe you work, with a comprehensive emphasis on the things that really matter. You will gain knowledge:

  • How to handle health and safety successfully
  • How to recognise and monitor common workplace hazards
  • What is the best control measure?
  • How to assess whether you have succeeded as per International standards

Course Outline:

  • Why we should manage workplace health and safety
  • How health and safety management systems work and what they look like
  • Managing risk – understanding people and processes
  • Health and safety monitoring and measuring
  • Physical and psychological health
  • Musculoskeletal health
  • Chemical and biological agents
  • General workplace issues
  • Work equipment
  • Fire
  • Electricity


Most frequent questions and answers

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After passing NEBOSH IGC our team will conduct class on Job Interview Preparation Session (JIPS) and will give you opportunity of interview with foreign companies.

Unit1: An open book examination (24 Hours)
Unit2: A practical risk assessment

Coaching in Cardiff: 65 Hours
Self study: 40

Unit IG1: 45 marks
Unit IG2: The minimum standard required for a Unit IG2 ‘Pass’

There are no NEBOSH qualification requirements yet, but it is suggested to start with NEBOSH Safety Simplified, NEBOSH HSW, IOSH Managing Safely or OSHACADEMY 30 hours course for new students,

We are offering:
NEBOSH in Lahore
NEBOSH in Islamabad/Rawalpindi
NEBOSH in Abbottabad
NEBOSH in Karachi
NEBOSH in Hyderabad.
Opening Soon NEBOSH in Peshawar
Opening Soon NEBOSH in Multan

Education standards and services are the same in all locations.

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International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety